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The “PSM Chronicle and Innovator” are publications that highlight the latest developments and innovations in the Professional Science Master’s (PSM) field. Readers can stay updated on cutting-edge trends, success stories, and emerging opportunities within the PSM community.

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The PSM is an Ideal Master’s Degree

The PSM is all about career readiness, interdisciplinary perspectives, and experiential learning.

Why Hire PSM Graduates

Professional Science Master's (PSM) programs tackle the shortage of high-tech workers by involving employers in shaping curricula. PSM grads are well-prepared, thanks to hands-on experience and workplace skills. Hiring them is cost-effective and less risky. Employer engagement is crucial, and expanding PSM programs is essential to meet STEM workforce demands.

A Streamlined Process to Program Affiliation

The NPSMA has implemented a streamlined, online format for the affiliation process, reducing costs for individual programs and enhancing the efficiency of affiliation/reaffiliation.

Thinking Outside the Bench

Learn about strategies to nurture creative thinking and problem-solving beyond academic norms, preparing students for diverse roles in professional environments.

20 Years and Counting

This article highlights the adaptability of PSM programs to workforce needs and underscore the importance of transferable skills for graduates' employability in diverse industries.

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