Affiliated Members & Programs

As valued members of our dynamic community, we are thrilled to connect with you and share the latest updates and opportunities within our network. As of 2018, there are 345 PSM programs at 157 institutions in 35 states and 4 countries.

Your Role in Our Community:

Your membership enriches our community by contributing diverse perspectives, insights, and experiences. Your engagement with NPSMA strengthens the collective effort to shape the future of PSM education and its impact on the workforce.

How You Can Engage: 

  • Contribute to Discussions: Share your expertise in discussions and forums, shaping the direction of PSM education and its alignment with industry needs. 
  • Attend Events: Join us at our conferences, workshops, and events to stay informed about the latest advancements and connect with fellow members. 
  • Collaborate: Explore opportunities to collaborate with other institutions and industry partners to create innovative PSM experiences. 
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