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The National Professional STEM Master’s Association (NPSMA) is the membership hub for the PSM initiative. Our mission is to unite program directors, faculty, administrators, industry representatives, alumni, and students in supporting PSM initiatives. We actively engage businesses, industries, nonprofits, governmental agencies, and trade associations to develop graduate programs and provide internships and job opportunities for PSM students and graduates. Through workshops, conferences, and networking, NPSMA fosters strong connections within the diverse PSM community. As of 2018, there are 345 PSM programs at 157 institutions in 35 states and 4 countries. Click HERE to view our Overview Presentation and learn more. Join us on this exciting journey today!


The Professional Science Master’s (PSMs) programs are tailored to students pursuing graduate degrees in science or mathematics and who recognize the significance of acquiring workplace skills that are valued by top employers.

Highly sought-after PSM programs prepare students for thriving science careers in sectors like business, government, and nonprofits. Recent graduates secure exciting and well-paid positions in multinational pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology firms, federal government, and university technology transfer operations. PSM graduates are making their mark across diverse industries.

PSM programs include two years of coursework and a practical component focused on business, communications, and/or regulatory affairs. They collaborate with local employers, offering internships in business or public sector enterprises for up-to-date, real-world learning.

To start a PSM program at your institution, please complete this form and the NPSMA Operations Manager will contact you following your submission. If you would like to be paired with an NSPMA Affiliation Mentor who will answer questions about the benefits of affiliation and guide you through the affiliation process, please complete this form.

Academic Membership :  Academic Memberships for institutions with formally affiliated Professional Science Master’s (PSM) degree programs. Learn more about the benefits of NPSMA membership HERE

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At NPSMA, we facilitate connections between PSM programs and businesses, industries, nonprofits, governmental agencies, and trade associations, offering valuable graduate programs and job opportunities.

Community of Experts: Connect with like-minded professionals, educators, and industry leaders who share your passion for PSM education and its transformative potential. Attend conferences, workshops, and events to expand your network, share ideas, and collaborate on innovative projects.

Resource Hub: Access a wealth of resources, best practices, and research insights to enhance the quality and effectiveness of your PSM programs.

Brand Recognition: Be part of our collective effort to advocate for the value of PSM education and its positive impact on both students and industries.

Internship and Job Opportunities: Collaborate with organizations to offer internship and job placements for PSM students and graduates.

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