Alumni Highlight: Vincenzo Scotto Di Uccio

University: Temple University, Pennsylvania

PSM Program: Bio-innovation

Graduation Year: 2018

Vincenzo, a 2018 graduate of the PSM Bioinnovation program, swiftly climbed the ranks at DuPont, landing a spot on their esteemed Spark Digital team. In just one year, he advanced from junior data scientist to lead data scientist, overseeing international machine learning projects in manufacturing. His dedication and expertise ensured successful project deployments and led him to join the Nutrition and Biosciences team, which was later acquired by IFF.

At IFF, Vincenzo continued to excel in manufacturing, consistently delivering projects that optimized processes and added substantial value. Over three years, he not only made an industry impact but also mentored and nurtured newer employees, promoting organizational growth. Today, Vincenzo holds the position of Senior Manager Data Scientist at the Kraft Heinz Company and serves as an Adjunct Professor at Temple University.