Prospective Programs

The Professional Science Master’s (PSMs) Programs The Professional Science Master’s (PSMs) programs are tailored to students pursuing graduate degrees in science or mathematics and who recognize the significance of acquiring workplace skills that are valued by top employers.

Highly sought-after PSM programs prepare students for thriving science careers in sectors like business, government, and nonprofits. Recent graduates secure exciting and well-paid positions in multinational pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology firms, federal government, and university technology transfer operations. PSM graduates are making their mark across diverse industries.

PSM programs include two years of coursework and a practical component focused on business, communications, and/or regulatory affairs. They collaborate with local employers, offering internships in business or public sector enterprises for up-to-date, real-world learning.

Steps for Starting a PSM Program:
  • Research and Planning: Define your PSM program’s focus, assess market demand, evaluate faculty resources, and understand university policies.
  • Feasibility Assessment: Develop a financial plan, engage industry advisors, and ensure university support.
  • Curriculum Development: Follow recognition guidelines, appoint a program director, and create a student recruitment strategy.
  • Program Approval: Seek internal approval and external accreditation if needed.
  • Assessment and Quality Control: Establish quality assurance systems and track graduates’ progress.
  • Launch and Promotion: Officially launch the program and promote it to prospective students and employers.
  • Continuous Improvement: Gather feedback and stay informed to adapt the program as necessary.

Resources for Developing a PSM Program:
Contact for resources and support from current PSM directors and administrators.