Mentor or Hire a PSM Graduate Student

If you or your company would like to get involved with the next generation of STEM leaders, we encourage you to mentor PSM students or hire PSM graduates.


Interdisciplinary Experts
PSM scholars undergo advanced instruction at the nexus of science and technology. Their fusion of scientific acumen and professional proficiency means they seamlessly integrate into the workforce, offering employers a cost-effective edge in talent development.

Skilled Communicators
With training in areas like business management, conflict resolution, technical writing, and presentations, PSM scholars are uniquely positioned. Their dual expertise in science and business allows them to bridge the gap between research departments and business teams, often wearing both hats with ease.

Creative Thinkers & Problem Solvers
Every PSM scholar undertakes either a pivotal course, a hands-on learning experience, or an industry-relevant internship. This immersive exposure offers them deep insights into industry norms, upcoming trends, and unique challenges, equipping them with the clarity to chart their professional journey and a profound grasp of their specialization.

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